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Abandoned Beauty

Every drop of ‘malam’ on our batik has a story. A single batik can show you the passion of our craftswomen who have marched through hardship and modern challenges. When they were younger, making batik was just a means to provide. Another kind of occupation to give their children a better life. Now, after everything is in place, they are not at the finish line. Not just yet. In their retirement days, when their hands are no longer proficient, their love for batik is still burning bright. With no regard to appreciation or waiting for responses from distributors, they keep on going and going. This passion, and love is what drives us to help them turn their work into beautiful pieces of art that reflect their untold love stories. 

Alm. Mbah Sumo (94 y.o.)

Mbah Uwoyo (78 y.o.)

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