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Our Story

The roots of everything.



Quality collective work is what we do

Our company was built mainly on group effort since the beginning. Nature, dedicated farmers, knowledgeable craftsmen, and passionate artists came together to create. This teamwork gave birth to what we call, Batik Tembayat.

Our History

It all started as a social movement to help retired batik makers. Creating a number of opportunities for the hardworking women who kept making batik in their later life. Many people overlooked their work because their crafts were no longer "attractive." Us, we felt their heart and soul on every pieces of batik they made the moment we saw them.


New Generation

Young and ready

Every generation has their own challenges.  To think of a solution to all sorts of problems relies heavily on our mindset. How we see and perceive things is the one legacy we want to pass down to the next generation. With the right mindset and attitude, we can face any challenges that come in our way.

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